GEOguides collaborated with GoPro for our Adventure 360 Lobster Diving pilot so that our Hosts could use them while freediving around Catalina Island. We wanted to capture the feeling of exploration while on the hunt and the HD HERO with the EYE OF MINE underwater housing ended up being the perfect solution. Not only does GoPro produce crystal clear HD video but their camcorders have become an invaluable part of production.



To combat the challenge of filming underwater at night, we secured GoPros to high powered LED dive lights using the headband strap accessory. Dive lights put off a harsh solid beam of light that is in no way, video-friendly so to make the lighting more pleasant, we diffused it with tracing paper that we stuck behind the dive light window. The soft illuminating glow was just what we needed to get up close and personal with ocean wildlife.


One thing about these versatile and easy to use cameras is everyone on the production team wants to shoot with them, giving us plenty of awesome underwater footage to work with.  Our favorite accessory is definitely the LCD BackPac. It allows us to preview footage as we’re shooting which is pretty much essential when filming underwater at night. It also gives visual control over camera settings and is easily removable.  Not only are they useful for production but our lobster diving Expert, Dr. Kimo Morris finds use for them on set and in the research field. Out of the 200 dives he does a year he plans on bringing a GoPro out with him every time he gets in the water, for work or for play.


No matter where we shoot, on land or in the water, we’ll always have a few of these cameras with us and even though we love all the BIG little features, we love them mostly because they get us outside, exploring OUR world!



GoPro produces arguably the most versatile cameras in the world, the famous HD HERO® line of wearable and gear-mountable cameras and accessories. GoPro’s products are sold through leading specialty retailers in more than 50 countries, Best Buy and online at their official GoPro store.