For our Adventure 360 Pilot on Lobster diving we teamed up with Hydroflex for help with lighting our dark underwater scenes. Our underwater DP, Tom Holden, used a 1200w SeaPar HMI light to spread beautiful ambient light around the environment. The light was powered off a generator running on the Sundiver dive boat. We also used two SeaSun LitePanels 1X1 to get picture perfect fill light.




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Our involvement with these productions has propelled us to develop some of the most innovative equipment for wet and underwater filmmaking. Several HydroFlex products have earned industry recognition and awards, including two Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (see About HydroFlex).

Smart production teams don’t rely on HydroFlex solely for our exceptional line of the latest underwater and wet location products. They come to us for what isn’t on the list . . . yet. We’re constantly creating customized solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges of the industry.

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