Photography by Two Harbors Enterprises



Two Harbors is an rustic seaside village located at the isthmus of Catalina Island, just 20 miles off the coast of Southern California. Two Harbors offers recreational opportunities that include hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal clear water, ocean kayaking, mountain biking, seaside camping, pleasure boating or just plan relaxing on a sandy beach.


Guest accommodations at Two Harbors include the Banning House Lodge, a 12 room Bed and Breakfast that over looks both the front and backside of the island. Catalina Cabins, sleeps two and is open from November through April. A Guest House that accommodates six guests. A Bungalow that also accommodates six guests and campgrounds with two types of camping available, each offering a unique outdoor experience.  For Online Reservations visit the website.


Dining options include the Harbor Reef Restaurant & Saloon, The West End Galley snack shop, and General Store Deli. Other services include Safari Bus and tours, Visitors Service Center, an extensive Harbor and Mooring operation which includes, Harbor Patrol, Shoreboat Service, Dive Shop with air fill station and Fuel Dock services for boaters.


The Two Harbors area is rich in history. It was first inhabited by Native American Indians who lived by the sea and traded with mainland Indians. Spanish explorers, fur traders and even pirates and smugglers visited Two Harbors throughout the years. During the Civil War, a unit of the Union Army was stationed here. Their barracks building still stands in testament to their brief stay. Many Hollywood movie studios used the Two Harbors area as a “ South Seas” back drop to film classics, one being “ Mutiny on The Bounty”.